The PR Week

The PR Week: 2.10.2022 - Eric Asche, Potential Energy

Episode Summary

This week on the podcast, PRWeek editorial director Steve Barrett and executive editor Frank Washkuch are joined by Eric Asche, president of Potential Energy.

Episode Notes

Podcast topics:

- Asche talks about his career move from CMO at anti-tobacco advocacy group The Truth Initiative to the president of climate-focused nonprofit Potential Energy; the similarities and differences in advocacy targeting the big tobacco and big oil industries; how to communicate complex or controversial advocacy ideas to a broad audience and more.

- Looking at Edelman’s 2021 results, which saw revenue at world’s largest PR firm jump 15.4%, moving closer to the $1 billion mark; And results from Omnicom’s 2021 PR holdings, which reported an increase of 6.3% for the full year to $1.39 billion.

- The details of 360PR+’s first acquisition, lifestyle agency CRC. 

- On everything Super Bowl LVI, with some social media marketing insight from Twitter Next’s Ryan Oliver

- Recapping the latest developments in the Spotify-Joe Rogan controversy, from COVID-19 misinformation to Rogan’s repeated use of racial slurs and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s statement. 

- On PRWeek's Pets in PR, which launched this week, and puts the spotlight on PR pro’s furry, scaly and feathered friends helping them through pandemic life.